Blargoans Charity Golf Day 2012

Blargoans hosted a Corporate Golf Day on June 1st 2012 at Thurso Golf Club which aimed to raise Money for some local charities and thank our valued Customers. A great day was had by all even though the weather was Caithness Summer!! JCI supplied a fantastic Buffet and Thurso Golf Club was excellent hosts.

A Charity Raffle was held and an amazing £1100 was generously raised for 2 well deserving Charities, CEYAC & Thor House.

Friends of Thor House - Thor House is a custom built facility carefully designed to provide a range of services for people with learning disabilities. The two main services within the building are:

- a fifteen place day centre, providing day care for adults.

- a four bedroomed respite unit, providing short stay respite breaks for children.

These services are complimented by community support work which provides home based respite when needed, independent living support and helps people to access services and amenities outside their home environment.

Friends Of Thor House provide the extras for the unit which the council do not, They have raised funds for developing a multi-sensory garden and play area for all the users of the unit and which surrounding groups may use.

Pictured from Left to right ‐ Front Row -Jessie Elder, Sharie Ferguson, Ashley Bremner, Gordon Spencer, Jean Plowman, Back Row Theresa MacGregor & Lynne Calder

Caithness Early Years Autism Centre (CEYAC) in Pulteneytown Academy in Wick. Its purposes are to directly provide, or support the education of children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) from the ages of 4 to 8 across the county of Caithness. It was created because of the desire, whenever possible, to educate children with autism in their own local community. Children with autism have a particular way of acquiring new knowledge and skills and CEYAC uses a visual and structured approach to accommodate this. Therefore CEYAC aims to provide an environment which appears to be safe and secure for the children, where they know the plan for the day (told through pictures), distractions are minimised and they are told of 'new' things (such as a workman coming in) in advance. The academic curriculum is taught in a structured way which includes repetition of familiar tasks to encourage the development of confidence and independent working. New ideas and skills are taught visually and demonstrated as the children find it more difficult if they are communicated primarily through words. We also try to develop their social and sharing/turn taking skills through games, through the staff using everyday toys to play with them and then with other children in controlled situations which they can cope with. When playing with toys the children often have to be shown how to play with them and initially they often copy what they see others doing.

Pictured from Left to Right ‐ On behalf of Blargoans Theresa MacGregor, Lynne Calder, Representing CEYAC June Frame, Charlotte Fisher and Valerie Miller with a few of the Children.

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