Blargoans Charity Golf Day 2014

At Blargoans we continue to strive to get better in order to be different from the multi-nationals offering a personal touch with face to face technical support and, our customers keep coming back. Blargoans trading philosophy is simple and effective; we are committed to customer care and prompt delivery. We offer a comprehensive range of products and services at competitive prices. We are delighted that the customers supported our annual, Blargoans Corporate Golf day on the 13th June 2014. An outstanding total of £4010 was raised and split between this years nominated charities Caithness Palliative Care & Caithness Branch of Enable. Thurso Golf Club were excellent hosts, Sheila and her specialised team supplied a tremendous buffet as she has done on all the Blargoans Golf days. The weather wasn’t as good as previous years but that didn’t hamper the atmosphere for the seventy guests who gave generously raising unprecedented amounts for great causes.

Caithness Palliative Care

On behalf of Blargoans Martin Nicolson presents the cheque for £2005 to Louise Shakespeare representing Caithness Palliative care.

Caithness Paliative Care is an NHS Endowment fund which supports the Macmillan Nurses in Caithness. The fund is used to support cancer patients who are post treatment and facing the end of their life.

Supporting the patients by providing equipment for their home allows them to stay there in comfort, lessening their pain while surrounded by family & friends. They can provide various equipment including beds, chairs & mattresses amongst many others which can have a massive impact to the quality of life the patient can have.

The fund is also used to equip the Chemotherapy treatment room at Caithness General to ensure it’s a calm, friendly atmosphere where little touches provided by the fund can make all the difference.

Training & Education for the Macmillan Nurses is also funded to ensure their knowledge is as up to date as possible which can only benefit the cancer patients.

The fund enables the nurses to get any equipment at short notice to enhance the lives of those living with cancer. If you would like any information on MacMillan Nurses please contact Louise Shakespeare on 01955 605050

ENABLE Caithness Branch chairman Willie Mackay said on behalf of the branch on recieving a handsome cheque for £2,005 from BLARGOANS . “We at ENABLE are delighted to recieve such a handsome cheque towards our branch funds, At this time of year we are planning a holiday next summer for up to 30 adults with a learning disability from Caithness to spend a week in Perth, taking in visits to Stirling, Glasgow and Edinburgh . This cheque for £2,005 will go a wonderfull way towards that holiday which will enhance the lives of people in Caithness with a learning disability, Thank you all so much.”

Jade Baikie and Theresa MacGregor presenting the cheque for £2005 to Glynis Mackay who received it along with others from the Caithness Branch of Enable.

ENABLE was established in Glasgow 60 years ago with the aim of encouraging the acceptance and inclusion of children & adults with learning difficulties in Scotland. They support people who have learning disabilities and their families to live, work and take part in their communities. The Caithness Branch of ENABLE started 54 years ago which ensured the there was a presence and support network in Caithness while also allowing the funds raised locally stays in Caithness. Through ENABLE campaigning and educating have played a large role in overcoming the prejudices from days gone by and during those 60 years it has made a massive difference in the acceptance & support for those with learning difficulties.

Through the dedication of its fourteen committee members, the hundred members can enjoy many social activities which enhances their lives while building social networks. As many members live alone with assistance, the events organised can make a big impact on their lives especially avoiding loneliness. The Social gatherings include Quiz’s, BBQ’s, Dinner Dances and many other activities while every two years they organise a Bi-Annual Holiday. If you would like any information please contact Willie Mackay on 01955 621337

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